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Can you tell us about a memorable environmental law case?

San Francisco, CA commercial litigation attorney Edward Hugo talks about his most memorable environmental law case.

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Hugo Parker specializes in defense of environmental litigation. One of the most memorable cases that I tried was known as the Modesto Case. It’s taken a life of its own because it was initially filed in 1998 and it’s still an active case today 20 years later. It has been phased, in other words, there’s been separate trials regarding different portions of the city. My firm and I tried two. We represented a distributor of perchloroethylene the dry-cleaning solvent. Manufacturers were also named as defendants as well as the dry cleaners. In both of the cases we were the only distributor to be acquitted by the jury. That is to be found not liable to the city. All of the manufacturers were found liable and over the course of the litigation juries have awarded hundreds of million dollars in that case.

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