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A Case of Slander at the Country Club

Minneapolis, MN employment law attorney Andrew Parker talks about a case involving a high-profile real estate agent and an incident of slander used towards his reputation.

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Well, this is the reputational assassination of our client, really. He was a guest at a country club, a member of the club at an event. Word got back to the board of the club that he allegedly was using cocaine out on the course. Rather than investigate or even talk to him, they banned him from the club and, worse yet, the rumor of cocaine use by him at the club back in June of this year spread throughout the community. He is a high-end residential real estate agent, and this reputational damage continues and is becoming worse as more and more people learn about this. And it’s absolutely not true. He had a hair follicle test which came back negative. He had other tests, another test that came back negative. He never has used cocaine, did not use cocaine. And when you’re being alleged to have engaged in illegal conduct like that, you lose business, and that’s what’s happened to him.

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