How to Select a Family Law Attorney Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Hiring an Attorney

Dallas, TX family law attorney, Paula Lock Smyth talks about what makes the best lawyer.

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I think the most important is honesty. I insist that my clients be honest with me and when they’re telling me about their situation I repeat to them if you don’t tell me about something I can’t be prepared to deal with it in case I hear about it for the first time in court. And that’s never a good thing to hear about it first from the other side. So I ask the clients to be honest with me but in turn, the client needs to feel as if I’m being honest with them also. Integrity, experience, years of experience are really, what make the difference in a family law attorney in my opinion. We don’t learn a lot in law school. We learn how to approach things in law school but it’s the years after law school when we’re practicing law that we really learn things that can help a client.

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