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We’re finding more and more in the laws there’s a lot of collaboration. And we’re a small law firm, we don’t’ have a huge amount of staff or support staff so what we’re finding is we often and frequently collaborate with other lawyer who also do this work but may have an expertise in other practice areas that we don’t have, so we do a lot of collaboration in our firm. We’re also geographically distributed, which is sort of unusual. A lot of our work takes place virtually or online by paralegals actually in San Diego. My associate lives in Pittsburgh where she was born and raised. My partners are here on Long Island City, I’m in upstate New York. We have another of counsel that’s in Utah.

So we’re diverse and we all have our lives and a work environment, which we want to make work for all of us. But fortunately, with internet technology we can all come together for a common purpose and whether it’s 8:00 here and 5:00 in San Diego or if it’s midnight or 6:00 AM or whatever. People enjoy the flexibility of being able to either work at home or work in their hometowns or work on issues that they’re interested in without, again, being a part of real sort of corporate formal environment. And we need to work with lawyers who are outside the firm we’ve got a good infrastructure in place online and digitally and remotely where we can share case files and information with attorneys all over the country so we can accomplish our common goal.

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, discusses his law firm that represents victims of childhood sex abuse, campus sex assault victims, and victims of child pornography.

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