Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney in Winona, Minnesota

What Makes Price, McCluer, Plachecki & Lallemont Different?

Winona, MN Criminal Defense Attorney Richmond H. McCluer, Jr. talks about why his firm stands out.

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The firm is currently Price, McCluer, Plachecki & Lallemont has been in Winona since the 1800s and we have a continuous history of fine lawyers who have taught and mentored other young lawyers who in turn grow into the practice and mentor other young lawyers. And certainly, when I joined the firm as a young lawyer, as I look back now with a full head of hair, which was all dark, you know, men like Dick Darby and Mike Price were very active in teaching and guiding me. And tremendous value I mean there’s no way to put a value on the friendship and the leadership that they provided. And Dick Darby passed away quite recently in his 90s and simply a reminder of all that he taught me and taught J.P. as well.

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