Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

How should one go about hiring a criminal defense lawyer — What traits and experience should one look for?

Eden Prairie criminal defense attorney Martin Azarian discusses what makes a great criminal defense lawyer.

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When you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney, you should be looking for number one, experience. What experience does this lawyer have? Number two, has this lawyer handled a case like this before? Number three, does the lawyer actually return your phone calls, your e-mails promptly? Does this lawyer have the answers? In other words, if this lawyer is saying, I don’t know or I’ll get back to you or I’m not sure be very careful.

And I would also suggest is this the lawyer that you really want? When you’re interviewing a law firm, you want to make absolutely certain that the lawyer you’re interviewing, the lawyer you’re meeting with is the lawyer that’s going to be standing next to you when you go to court. When you see me, when you come and see me and if you do retain me, I’m going to be that lawyer that’s going to be standing next to you in court, speaking on your behalf to the judge and the prosecutor. There is nothing worse than retaining a law firm thinking you’re going to get one attorney and you end up getting another attorney whom you’ve never met before. Make sure the attorney you get has the experience and is going to be there with you when you go to court.

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