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A franchisee association is a group of franchisees who come together, who decide that they are better together in dealing with the issues presented by their franchisor than they are individually. I don’t want to say it’s a union but there’s some sort of parallel there between people coming together and saying look, we’ve got a system wide issue, an issue that we all have with something the franchisor is doing or proposing to do or not doing and we all think they should be doing. And so we want to come together and collaborate and find a way to approach the franchisor in a, hopefully, a non-threatening, although sometimes you have to be threatening, non-threatening way to work towards a brand improvement because that will help all of us; not only the franchisees but the franchisors.
So it’s a collection of franchisees who come together to negotiate, if you will, with the franchisor over system wide issues.

Minneapolis franchisee lawyer Ron Gardner explains what a Franchisee Association is.

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