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What is estate planning and why is it important?

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Milpitas, CA estates & probate attorney Elijah Keyes talks about estate planning and why it’s important. Estate planning involves the strategic utilization of a repertoire of tools designed to circumvent the probate process. Probate, both during an individual’s lifetime and after their passing, entails legal court proceedings aimed at managing an individual’s affairs and assets. Estate planning, on the other hand, centers on an individual’s rights, obligations, and property, encompassing what they own. Its core objective is to proactively employ contracts and instruments to preclude disruptive court interventions, whether initiated by private parties or entities.

While the term “estate” might conjure images of grandiose mansions nestled in the English countryside, in reality, an estate encompasses an individual’s powers and property holdings, both during their lifetime and after their demise. Estate planning’s fundamental purpose revolves around the use of contractual arrangements and tools to preclude disruptions caused by private individuals, corporate entities, or the court system. To embark on a successful estate planning journey, it is advisable to enlist the expertise of a seasoned planner, as they possess extensive experience, having encountered numerous scenarios and pitfalls, enabling them to guide individuals effectively through the intricate process.

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