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What is Elder Abuse?

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Well, what we have is the most vulnerable aspect of our population, and that’s the elderly. They’re more vulnerable than children mostly because people think that they can take care of themselves, and they – many of them can’t. So, we get involved in cases where elders are raped, their drugs are stolen from them, and they die from that, that they’re left in their own feces until pressure sores open and they fester and they die, or they’re being transferred by lifts and people are being sloppy and they drop them and break their bones. And what happens is a lot of people say, “Well, they’re old people. The jury is not gonna give any money, therefore we can’t afford to handle these cases.”

Well, you know what, those people deserve to be represented, and the wrongdoers have to be held accountable, and the really cool thing that we’re seeing is since our firm started handling those cases about 15 years ago, we’ve found that organizations are starting to change their behavior, because they’re deciding it’s cheaper to take care of these people than to face the lawsuits that we bring.

Minnesota attorney Mark Kosieradzki defines elder abuse.

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