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Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Louanne Masry talks about a specific case she worked on where she represented the wife of an older man with dementia who suffered a wrongful death in a nursing home.

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Well, unfortunately many of our elderly citizens are often mistreated in nursing homes or group homes. Some of those mistreatments include falls, bed sores, broken bones, those types of things. I’ve done many of those types of cases. One case that especially sticks out to me is a gentleman who I represented who was in a group home with Alzheimer’s dementia. He was a wonderful, wonderful man who was married to his wife for over 60 years.

They had a lovely relationship, but unfortunately she could no longer care for him because of his dementia, and so, you know, he lived in this group home. And when he got there, they knew that he was weak and that he needed assistance with pretty much everything that – you know, bathing, walking, those types of things. And they especially knew that he was a high risk to fall, which is common amongst elderly people, and he had suffered many falls at this facility. And rather than take care of him, put appropriate precautions in place to protect him, he had a fall in which he hit his head, and unfortunately passed away from doing that, and we filed a wrongful death case on behalf of his wife for her loss. And we did negotiate a large settlement for that, but the sad part about that case really was that it was completely preventable, and should never have happened.

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