Elder Abuse Attorney in Plymouth, Minnesota

A Memorable and Tragic Nursing Home Case

Minnesota attorney Mark Kosieradzki discusses an important elder abuse case he worked on.

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The one that comes to mind at the outset is a case we had where the 28-year-old medication aide drugged an 88-year-old woman and raped her. He tried to cover it up. The family came to us wanting to find out what happened. As we dug into this, we found that this was one of the most horrific things we’ve ever seen. We dug our teeth in it.

We provided the evidence to the county attorney, who then prosecuted the perpetrator. He’s now sitting in prison, and we held the wrongdoing-ers accountable, and I think we made a difference in the way people look at allegations of rape by older people. You better believe those women, because they don’t deserve to be raped.

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