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Do I have to be driving to get a DWI?

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No. In Minnesota, you can be convicted of driving while impaired by just being in physical control of the motor vehicle. Minnesota often looks at can you make that vehicle a source of danger without too much effort. And that can be one of the factors to find somebody in physical control of the vehicle. 

Sometimes the courts will take a look at whether you’re in the driver’s seat or not, are the keys in the ignition. Or now a lot of people have key fobs, where they don’t actually have a key in the ignition. They just press a button. Well, where is that key? Is it in their pocket? And can they really move that car with little effort? 

A lot of people say, “Well, I didn’t drive. I pull over into a parking lot and I wanted to sleep it off. How could I possibly be convicted of driving while impaired when I was actually sleeping while impaired?” Those physical control factors, courts can sometimes find them against you.

Woodbury criminal attorney at law Robert Ambrose talks about whether or not someone has to be driving in order to get a DWI.

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