Different Process of Divorce

Edina, MN Family Law Attorney, Jane Van Valkenburg describes the various processes that can be taken in a divorce in Minnesota.

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Well, there are a number. There’s litigation, and litigation means different things. Litigation can mean you start and you’re gonna fight all the way through. You do formal discovery and depositions. And that’s really the most expensive and contentious way to go about it.

However, litigation in most counties now, we file the matter with the court. The court schedules – excuse me – a conference where you try and schedule neutrals, whether it’s a social neutral to try and resolve parenting time issues, visitation, custody; or you use schedule a financial neutral and resolve cash flow, valuation issues. They also have something called a moderated settlement conference, where if you get stuck, a neutral comes in and tries to give you an opinion on moving forward.

There’s also mediation. And mediation can be working on your own or it can be working with the attorneys. And there the mediators can’t give you advice, but they can help you get to a resolution.

There’s also a process called collaboration. And collaboration is you’re agreeing to work outside of the court, and there’s specialized people that come in and help you, but those are the processes that are available.

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