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What Makes a Successful Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Minneapolis criminal defense attorney, Ryan Garry, on what it what it take to be a successful criminal defense lawyer.

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Persistence, dedication, commitment, and I think a love what you do. Most criminal defense lawyers that I know are in the profession for some reason. I mean you just don’t wake up usually and want to be a criminal defense lawyer it’s usually some experience in your life that you’ve had that has made you want to be a criminal defense lawyer. So I think the real successful criminal defense lawyers are the ones that are extremely passionate about what they do. I mean there’s nothing else in this world I would rather do than this; it’s something that I enjoy doing that I like waking up in the morning and doing and helping people and quite frankly, it’s fun. I mean it’s a fun job. It’s a serious job but it’s fun and I think if you have those qualities you’re going to be successful at what you do.

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