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Paying a Lawyer When You Have Been Terminated

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When clients who have been terminated call us not only are they angry, upset, confused about what is happening because they have lost the value of their business, they’ve lost their business, they don’t have a place to go the next day frequently. And so they’re really concerned about their legal rights, but they’re also justifiably concerned about their economic situation. When you lose your business and your terminated the cash flow stops. There’s nobody, the registers aren’t ringing, you’re not sending out invoices whatever business you happen to be in, and people understand that at least for some period of time they’re probably going to have to live on their savings because they’re going to have to rebuild their lives however they might go about doing that. And so we are asked regularly well, I really need your help but I can’t pay for it. Can we do this on a contingency fee relationship? And one of the things that makes us here at Dady & Gardner somewhat unique is that we do engage, in the right circumstances, people on a contingent fee basis in a commercial contract dispute. Very few lawyers will undertake a contract litigation on a contingency fee. But under the right circumstances we do do that and on any given day a large percentage of the business that we’re doing here is on a contingency fee. And so we’re always happy to discuss with people what their situation is, whether it meets the criteria that we have to take a case on a contingency. And so people shouldn’t be concerned about calling us or being or being nervous about we are going to charge them for the time up front the second the phone rings, it’s just not the case. We get that people that have been terminated are in perilous emotional and financial straits. And what we’re here to do is try and help those people and so if it works for us to enter into a case like that on a contingency we do that quite frequently.

Minneapolis franchisee lawyer Ron Gardner discusses when Dady & Gardner works on a contingency basis.

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