Child Support Attorney in Burnsville, Minnesota

Child Support Modifications

Burnsville, MN Family Law Attorney, Merlyn Meinerts talks about when a client would want to choose child support modifications.

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Minnesota law provides that anytime there is a substantial change in financial circumstances child support can be subject to review. Child support can be considered modifiable when a change in circumstance because of a loss of job, an increase in income those types of things are present. There are other factors that may justify a reconsideration of child support, for example, if the cost of health insurance or dental insurance goes up, the cost of work related childcare goes up. Or if there’s a change in the overall parenting relationship that can also be a change in circumstance that would justify modification of child support.

Under Minnesota law in order to have what lawyers call a prima facie case of a substantial change, you need to show at least a 20 percent shift from the existing child support order in order for a modification to be justified.

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