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Litigated vs Collaborative Divorce Costs

Dallas, TX family law attorney, Paula Lock Smyth talks about the cost of a litigated divorce and how it compares to collaborative divorce.

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In most situations, there is not much difference between the cost of a collaborative case and a litigated divorce. I would say sometimes a litigated divorce because of the length of time that the case does on, which can be anywhere from three to six to 12 months, sometimes even longer the attorney’s fees, the custody evaluation fees, the expert witness fees the hearing fees, all of these things mount up and it’s a very expensive proposition. Whereas, with the collaborative case we pretty much know how much time is going to be invested in a collaborative case. Each session that we have in collaborative law is usually around two hours. Sometimes we will arrange for either the mental health expert of the financial expert to be offline, as we call it with the clients so that the attorney’s meters are not running during those meetings, which also helps to keep the cost of the collaborative case down. So oftentimes, a collaborative case can be less expensive than a litigated case.

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