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Impact of New Parental Rights Law

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It’s an interesting innovation that the legislature came up here with because the focus has been on whether the parties have been able to do it up to this point but not really been looking at it prospectively. Sometimes people do change and sometimes their ability to communicate and cooperate does improve over time. Many people have not gotten the kind of training necessary to be successful in this area, so there are a lot of good programs out there to help with co-parenting, and communication, and cooperation. So, by focusing on the needs of the child, focusing on how that helps the child, I think, will put the right focus on – and certainly from the court’s perspective – the right focus on what’s best for that kid and not so much on continuing the battle between Mom and Dad. And as a result, I think the child will be benefitted and both parents will be benefitted because you have a happier, well adjusted child that his comfortable going between both homes.

Minneapolis, Minnesota family law attorney Marc Johannsen discusses a new law in Minnesota regarding parental rights.

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