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Effects of “Parenting Time” Rewording

Minneapolis, Minnesota family law attorney Marc Johannsen discusses how the interests of the child to grow in a healthy way in both houses is a goal of new legislation.

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I think it will result in a significant lessening of conflict. They did keep the minimum 25 percent presumption, but I think that read in context with the other two factors, which says that the court should consider how the best interests of the child will be met by maximizing the amount of time between both parents as opposed to just the 25 percent presumption. And then, also the language that said the court’s ability to look at the interests of the child first in promoting the child’s health growth and development in both homes and the parents’ ability to do that. Those taken together as a package, I believe, will result in an increase in the amount of time that the child will spend with the non-custodial parent probably in the long run, but will also probably get the services necessary for that family to make that successful, become part of that progression. So, for instance, if that family’s not very good at communicating, in the past getting those types of communication services in place and supportive things like calendaring programs and communication programs that are out there – for instance, Our Family Wizard is an example – will allow parents to begin with baby steps of better communicating and feeling less threatened. And then as you’re successful in these small areas, then that will progress to a much more comfortable, less acrimonious ability to communicate with one another and it will become natural as opposed to a forced, difficult situation.

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