Brain Injuries Attorney in Hopkins, Minnesota

Notable Recoveries – Concussions

Hopkins, MN personal injury attorney, Douglas Schmidt talks about notable recoveries he’s helped his clients obtain for various concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

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Within the last year we settled a case for nearly $800,000.00 for a lady that did go to the emergency room, went to the emergency room in an ambulance no concussion was diagnosed and we were able to pick up on that and work up the case for an $800,000.00 settlement.

Another case. The client was diagnosed preliminarily in the emergency room with a concussion but then it was ignored for two years. They came to us after two years and we were able to put it back together. Put Humpty-Dumpty back together again and get a $500,000.00 verdict. We’ve got a number of cases like that. We settled a case for a lady from Duluth with traumatic brain injury that was never diagnosed before coming to our office. So we’ve got that track record.

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