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Challenges in Handling Brain Injury Cases

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Well, for one, you can’t see it. This is been brought to the fore by all the publicity with NFL plyers suffering CTE injuries. These people play a tough sport and over the course of their lives, they appear to be normal but gradually they lose control and that’s because of the brain injury that they’ve had repetitively. Many of the people who have brain injuries sometimes don’t know it initially. They are hard to diagnose, they’re hard to pinpoint, they’re hard to treat. Some people recover; some people don’t. Some people have problems with mentation, memory, headaches, flashbacks. So they’re challenging cases and you really need the help of a good neurologist and a neuropsychologist to help you out. And thank goodness, for all the neuroscience that’s been done in the NFL cases because that sure has helped people understand that these are serious injuries that need to be looked at and examined carefully.

St. Paul personal injury attorney Paul Gatto talks about why it’s hard handling brain injury cases.

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