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Asylum: What is Asylum and when is it granted?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Judith Delus Montgomery talks about asylum.

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Asylum can be granted under about five different ways. It’s usually based on race, gender, creed, religion and politics. That’s usually what are the reasons that folks can seek asylum. Everyone is entitled to asylum from another country, but this is what you have to be able to show. You have to be able to show that you are being persecuted in your home country. Asylum is very hard to prove. You don’t just get to say I’m being persecuted and then you’re let in. You’re let in temporarily but you’re granted an opportunity to either seek assistance from an organization, or seek an attorney to assist you and rep resent you in an asylum hearing, but you have to be able to prove that you are truly being persecuted, whether it’s through a video, pictures, clothing, newspaper articles that can show that something happened.

Maybe political upheaval is going on in your country. A good example would be that there is civil unrest going on in Haiti right now. But there is civil unrest going on in Paris right now. So it could be any country, and that assists you in your argument, saying that listen, I’m seeking protection from what’s going on in this country because I was involved in politics in that country, and so now I can’t return because maybe another political government has taken over. And so it goes against everything that I believe in and now they’re seeking to kill myself and my family, and I need some protection. So that’s what asylum is about.

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