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Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Dan Koewler gives the piece of advice he constantly tells his clients.

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What I tell most people when they call me looking for advice is that there are so many ways to win a DWI case. The public has this perception that the tests that are given to them by the government are pretty much infallible and that once you’ve been arrested for DWI you’re sunk. And that couldn’t be further from the truth so I’m constantly telling people don’t trust the governments test. When the breath test says that somebody’s a .09 that doesn’t even mean that they’re over a .08 and that has to do with just the science of understanding how inaccurate these tests are. And the same logic holds true for field sobriety tests, for blood tests, urine tests, and drug tests. So don’t trust the governments test because you’d be surprised at all of the different ways to keep a DWI off your record.

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