Advice from a Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney in Roseville, Minnesota

Advice to Clients

Roseville, MN DWI defense attorney Charles Ramsay gives the piece of advice he constantly tells his clients.

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When clients hire the Ramsey Law Firm, they’ve paid a great deal of their hard earned money. We want that money to work for them. So what we want them to realize is they should focus on their everyday lives and get on with their lives. Let us handle the legal aspect of this. When most people are able to do that, they just feel the stress lift off them because we’re gonna do the heavy lifting of the legal side. The other thing they have to do is, if they do have some type of chemical dependency issue – which many of our clients do in this DWI arena – they should really focus on that too. Whether they just have something – a problem drinking too much occasionally or whether they have a chemical dependency issue, they should focus on what they have control over and let us focus on the rest.

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