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Paul Gatto: The firm started in 1981. It was formed by my partner, Mike Swor, and myself. He and I had been practicing together at another law firm. And at that time, we decided that we would split away and just emphasize a personal injury practice.

Marcus Gatto: Anybody who talks to you in this office is prepared to answer questions about your case. The attorneys work together. So every attorney and every party in the office can answer questions about any case, should a client call and have questions.

Paul Gatto: Everybody here will know your name. Everybody will know something about your case.

Marcus Gatto: We want to hear their story. And then when we hear their story, we try and provide an honest expectation about what’s going to happen, how long it should take, and what they should expect at the end of that process.

Watch this brief introduction to Swor & Gatto featuring personal injury attorneys Paul and Marcus Gatto.

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