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Why Did You Choose Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein?

New York matrimonial and divorce attorney Jacqueline Newman of Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein discusses why she chose to work at her firm.

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Our firm is different than other matrimonial firms in New York specifically in that we practice all three process choices. I tell people there’s three ways to get divorced. There’s mediation, where you work with one person who’s a neutral. There’s collaborative law, which we had spoken about before, which is you enter into a participation agreement saying you’re not going to go to court, and then there’s litigation, which doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running to court. It just means it’s not the other two process options. So in this sort of situation, we’re the only ones that you walk into our office; we say, “Okay, we know you want to get divorced. Let’s talk about the best way to do it.”

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