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What should I look for in hiring a family law attorney?

Rockville, MD family law attorney Stuart Knotts Skok talks about what you should look for in hiring a family law attorney.

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Yeah, there’s a few things to look for when hiring a family law attorney. I mean, first, is experience. I mean, you want a lawyer who is experienced at the level that you need in your case. If you have a very complicated case, you want to a lawyer who has more numbers of years of experience and experience in your kind of case. You know, the second thing is credentials. You want to look for the credentials that a lawyer may have that they will show on their website, including peer awards, you know, super lawyers being one of them. They will appear on the website so you can see what they are.

And I’d say the third thing has to do with reviews. Nowadays, there are reviews for all lawyers online by other professionals and clients that you can look at, or perhaps you get a personal referral from a friend, who is a former client of a lawyer, or professional you know. But, you know, in addition to the experience credentials and reviews, I think it’s important that you hire a family law attorney, who understands your story of your case, and shares your philosophy on how to approach it.

You know, you want a lawyer who’s asking you, “What do you want your divorce to look like?” You know, not just the results. I mean, that matters, the objectives, but what he wants to look like in process? Is this something that you have to go to court over? Super adversarial or would you rather see it private out of court? Focus more on the children or something else. You know, you want a lawyer who’s aligned with your philosophy on what you want your divorce to look like.

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