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Initial Consultation: Tell us about the initial consultation

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards tells you exactly what she will provide in an initial consultation.

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The initial consultation is something that’s very important for both myself and the client. It’s helpful for the client because you want to pick an attorney that you feel comfortable with, that can give you a roadmap for your case and that’s what we do. If it’s a case that’s already in progress, of course, I’m going to review what’s happened thus far and give you a kind of case map going forward.

If you’re getting general advice about a case coming up I’ll listen to your history, I’ll listen to your story. And depending on the judge that we might have, the county that we might have I’ll give you very tailored advice about what to do both before, during, and after the representation to give you both the best chance at success and the best chance of happiness after the case is over.

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