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We are a family law boutique meaning that is all that we do. I’m board certified in family law, John Withers is board certified in family law, we have a number of other lawyers that are on the track to getting board certified in family law. So typically, we handle a divorce, which is going to involve child custody if you have kids and it’s going to involved property division. We also are involved, obviously, with modification of orders. Most of the time that’s child custody related and then, it can also, you know you can also be in a child support situation.

What kind of flows from that then are enforcements, right? So if you are entitled to possession and access of your child at a specific time and you’re denied that possession and access that gives rise to an enforcement. Which can also bring about a bunch or other actions to make sure you get the child or children back right at that time. Things like a habeas corpus, a writ of attachment, things of that sort that are really important. So those are the types of areas that are what I would call the bread and butter of our family law practice.

Well, the differentiators for us are really kind of a couple of things. One, we’re a quality practice as compared to a quantity practice. So you have lots and lots of lawyers who handle a ton of files and so, the problem with that is generally, you don’t have the time to button everything up. If you’re responding to discovery you need to make sure that the objections are correct, you need to make sure that your client’s responses are correct, so those folks don’t tend to have enough time to do things the right way, in my opinion.

We are a quality shop. We are going to have fewer files that we take. We make sure that everything is buttoned up. It’s kind of if you think of like concierge type practice, right? So along with that, we’re big enough to handle the biggest family law case out there. I can tell you we’ve got nine figure cases going on so it’s significant. But we’re small enough the folks in the law firm are going to know who you are, which is different than when you’ve got 30 or 40 lawyers. So it’s a very, it’s a much more personal experience.

Dallas, TX family law attorney Mark Scroggins talks about what makes his firm difference as well as the types of cases they handle.

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