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So we have a pretty wide range of services in our group, starting off with estate planning. And, obviously, on the back end of estate planning is estate administration and probate work. We also do estate controversy whether it’s conflicts, litigation, mediation.

And then we handle some sub specialty areas, unique asset or business succession planning, charitable planning, and then we also represent some nonprofit or tax exempt entities largely originally born out of some of the family planning we do.

I think all of us really dive in and get to know the client specific needs. There’s no cookie cutter plan or a one size fits all. And I think we also pride ourselves on being really accessible not only to clients but to their advisors like a tax or financial planner.

Our group is very experienced and when you’re experienced, you know how to handle the planning efficiently. So we’re very good at once we have all the information to get drafts to clients within a week or two and to get the planning within a month or two rather than the six months, nine months or even a year that you might see at other firms.

And then, we’re also very good with follow up. It’s extremely important that all the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed to make sure that the assets of the estate are properly tailored to the planning documents that we prepare and execute. So the follow up both with our attorneys and with our administration staff is very important and I think we do a really good job at that.

The number one question to ask a lawyer is are you a generalist or are you specialized in estate planning because it really can make a difference. But in terms of traits, it seems obvious, are they detailed orientated, you know do they dot the Is and cross the Ts? Are they thorough? Are they good listeners? Do they bring everyone at the table into the conversation? I mean I’ve had clients comment that oh wow, you’re the first person that ever really looked at me and asked me about the asset situation. So just someone who cares and is deeply involved, and wants to give the client the best plan is really the way to go.

This introduction video features estate planning attorneys David Ness and Karen Schlotthauer from Fafinski Mark & Johnson PA as they talk about how their firm delivers its unique services and what makes it stand out from other firms, as well as what a client could expect when hiring an estate planning attorney from the firm.

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