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What makes our firm different from other law firms, it’s communication. Clients complain that attorneys don’t keep in touch with them, don’t respond to e-mails, texts, phone calls, and these days with all the different ways of communication it’s really important for us that we communicate with our clients. And I think when we show that we can communicate with our clients. And I think when we show that we can communicate outside the courtroom as a trial attorney we can then demonstrate how well we can communicate inside of a courtroom. And as a trial attorney being a zealous advocate for your client is most important.

When looking to hire a criminal defense attorney I think you really need to be comfortable with the individual. You’re dealing with a person’s freedom and there has to be that trust and willingness to sort of open up and speak freely with the attorney. Of course, experience is important, of course, somebody who can speak well and advocate in a courtroom is important but you’re going to find tons of attorneys with a lot of experience who have been prosecutors like myself and who have plenty of experience in the courtroom. But I think there really needs to be a comfort level where you feel and the client feels that I can trust this person with my freedom because that’s really what’s at risk with a criminal case.

Philadelphia, PA criminal defense attorney Brian Fishman talks about what makes his firm different and what to look for in hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

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