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Law Firm Expansion

New York Litigation attorney, David Boies, discusses his law firm and the massive expansion.

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I just get really great people. I get really great people who like to work together. I think one of the things you find if you walk around these offices if you’ve got a lot of very collegial people, people who love the law, who love what they’re doing, and who are very good at it. And you surround yourself with people like that, and you get really good clients, really interesting cases. And those really interesting cases attract really good lawyers, cause they wanna be doing those cases.

And so you get some more really great lawyers, and that attracts another group of high-profile cases and clients. And it really becomes a virtuous upward cycle. We didn’t start out to be 300 lawyers. We started out to be 10 or 12, and maybe, maybe 25. One of the things my partner, Johnathan Chiller, and I famously told a reporter in 1997 was, We’ll never be larger than 20 lawyers. You don’t need to be larger. You’re just create inefficiencies.

The problem is that neither one of us are very good at saying no, and so when a new client comes along, a new case comes along, we wanna do it. And to do it, you need to build a law firm.

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