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Tisha Black, a Las Vegas native, boasts over two decades of experience as a practicing attorney, with a strong focus on real estate and business matters, particularly within the cannabis industry. Her expertise spans a wide range of areas, including regulatory compliance, corporate structuring, finance, real estate, business licensing, entitlements, acquisitions, and complex commercial transactions.

In the year 2000, she co-founded the pioneering law firm of Black & LoBello, a significant milestone as one of the few female-owned law firms at the time. Recognizing the growing demand for specialized legal services for business owners and developers, she established another successful law firm called Black & Wadhams in 2020, dedicated exclusively to meeting these needs.

Since 2014, Ms. Black has been deeply involved in the Nevada marijuana industry, actively participating and providing guidance as a trusted counselor. Her engagement extends to the Nevada State Medical and Recreational Cannabis Program, where she actively participates in the legislative process.

Throughout her career, Ms. Black has successfully filed applications for Dispensaries, Cultivation, and Production with the state of Nevada, resulting in provisional certification for her clients. She is currently engaged with several cannabis businesses across different certification classes, assisting them with vital aspects like structure, establishment, financing, compliance, and ongoing operations.

Beyond Nevada, Ms. Black also represents clients in various other states, including California, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arizona, showcasing her broad expertise and influence in the cannabis industry on a regional level.

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