What advantages do you see in working with an appellate advocate?

Minneapolis, MN appellate lawyer Kay Nord Hunt talks about various advantages in working with an appellate advocate.

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The greatest advantage, I think, is a fresh set of eyes. That I come into a case with no preconceptions, I wasn’t there, so I am looking at it anew with, again, how kinda the appellate court is going to look at it. The other advantage of working with an appellate lawyer is there is some standards that are unique to appellate practice known as the Standards of Review. They are not utilized at the trial court level. So every case has to be presented in terms of those Standards of Review, and as a person who handles many cases on appeal, I understand that. I understand that is the appellate court’s measuring stick, and if you do not present your case in terms of the Standard of Review you really have virtually no chance on appeal. So it’s very important to have someone who understands how they appellate court itself must view the case.