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Wrongful Death: A Case of Non-Economic Damages

Los Angeles, CA personal injury lawyer Ricardo Echeverria talks about memorable case in which he was able to get a rewarding result for two children who lost their mother.

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There was a particular wrongful death case that I tried in Bakersfield a few years ago and it was the death of a 28-year old young mother who was run over in a crosswalk by a semi-truck. I was representing her two children who were 11 years old at the time of her death and two months old. And by the time we went to trial he was 14 and she was three-years old. The case was all non-economic damages because Tiffany _____, the mother, was poor. She didn’t have a lot of money and so there were no economic damages and we tried that case and I remember going into trial and a lot of people thought the case value wasn’t there because its only noneconomic damages. But thankfully, the jury recognized what was lost and that was basically, the relationship and the love between a young mother and her children. The jury ended up awarding $15 million in wrongful death noneconomic damages, which was very rewarding to get that type of a result for two very deserving young children.

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