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Advice for People Under Investigation for White Collar Crimes

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A person who is under investigation for a white collar crime will immediately know that he is under investigation. Because federal prosecutors and federal agents will come and tell you that you are under investigation for a white collar crime, such as mortgage fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, wire fraud, any type of a fraud that falls under the white collar umbrella. Federal prosecutors and agents will start their investigation without your knowledge. However, at some point they will try to confront you with the allegations or what they believe they uncovered, and they will come and talk to you.

My experience is that individuals for some reason who are accused of white collar crime will try to get themselves out of trouble by trying to outsmart the federal agent. You cannot do that. You cannot outsmart a federal agent. They will talk to you, they will get the statements that they want from you, they will confront you with information, and then they’re going to leave. And you’re going to think you’re in the clear. But a year later they’ll come back to you, either with an indictment or an accusation that you lied to them. And that will be too late to realize sometimes that you need an attorney.

So when a federal agent knocks on your door, the first thing that you do before you answer the door is call a lawyer.

Chicago, IL criminal defense attorney Gal Pissetzky gives specific advice to people under investigation for white collar crime. An individual facing an investigation for a white-collar crime typically becomes aware of the situation when federal prosecutors and agents inform them directly. Offenses falling under the white-collar crime umbrella, such as mortgage fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, or wire fraud, prompt federal investigators to initiate their inquiries without the subject’s knowledge. Subsequently, they may approach the individual to discuss the allegations or their findings.

In such cases, individuals accused of white-collar crimes often attempt to navigate the situation without legal counsel, believing they can outsmart federal agents. However, this approach is ineffective, as federal agents are adept at extracting statements and confronting individuals with information. Despite a seemingly amicable conversation, repercussions may arise later, either in the form of an indictment or an accusation of providing false information.

Given the complexities of these investigations, it is crucial for individuals to recognize the need for legal representation early on. When faced with a visit from federal agents, the recommended course of action is to contact an attorney before engaging in any discussions with law enforcement. This precautionary measure helps ensure the protection of one’s legal rights and interests throughout the investigative process.

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