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Whistleblower Recoveries

Minneapolis employment law attorney explains how a there is no limit to how much money a whistleblower can recover in a fraud case.

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The amount of money that a whistleblower can recover in a fraud case is – you know, there’s no limit. It really is totally based upon the facts of a particular case and the amount of fraud involved. So you could have a case where the wrongdoer company is a small vendor, say, of manufacturing parts, and maybe the government only paid over years $1 million, purchased $1 million worth of product. Well, that kind of case, at the end of the day even with penalties, civil penalties attached, is never gonna be worth any significant amount, maybe a few million dollars and then, of course, the 15 to 30 percent that the whistleblower would be entitled. Certainly, a significant amount of money, but not the type of money that most whistleblowers envision when they see these big, government fraud cases. They’re thinking millions of dollars.

The big cases – the military cases, the pharmaceutical cases, the medical device cases – those are cases where the sales are huge, and the companies are huge, international players, and the market’s just substantial. And so you just – it’s unlimited. We have a case right now that we’re preparing against a pharmaceutical company where the sales have been over $3 billion in the last six years. I mean huge. And so if we prevail in that case, you can do the math. It’s a significant recovery for the whistleblower.

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