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Whistleblower Evidence

Minneapolis employment law attorney Clayton Halunen discusses how someone should proceed if they think they should be a whistleblower.

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If you think you have evidence that your employer or some company or person you know may be involved in some form of fraud against the government, you should really immediately seek legal advice by a lawyer who handles these types of cases. It’s a very nuanced area and it’s very particular as far as what the requirements are for being protected under the act. There’s particular procedural mechanisms that have to be employed, such as filing a complaint under seal and filing a disclosure statement with the U.S. Government and actually serving the U.S. Government with a copy of this charge, this disclosure statement. And so there are very particular things that a whistleblower must do in order to have status as a relator and to qualify under the qui tam provisions for a reward if the government does recover at the end of the day.

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