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Chris Kluwe v. Minnesota Vikings: Settlement

Minneapolis employment law attorney discusses important settlement terms from the dispute between Chris Kluwe and the Minnesota Vikings.

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On the Kluwe case, a number of terms were public. The dollars that went to the charities was not public, but I can assure you that it was a sizeable – it was well into the six figures as far as the money that was paid out to charities. There was training required to the team by particular trainers that we agreed upon, that would happen on an annual basis at all levels of the organization, from top management down to the players and staff. There were the – Priefer, the coach that engaged in the conduct, and finally admitted to engaging in the conduct, was required to go through sensitivity training and was suspended from a number of games. He also had to donate the money, his salary during that period of time, to LGBT causes. We’re putting on – they agreed to put on a national symposium to be held here in Minnesota next year on LGBT issues in professional sports, which we will – Chris and I will both be working on.

And so, all in all, we believe that we effectively utilized this settlement to help create a broader coalition of people, to bring them together through the symposium, to really make the issue more public and have more dialog about professional sports and homophobia. And I think only by talking about it and teams actually taking action and not tolerating – another thing we did is put in place a zero tolerance policy, by the way. But, by doing that kind of thing and getting everyone in all professional sports talking about it, we think we can really make a difference.

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