Where Do Your Transportation Clients Come From?

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover talks about how he obtains clients in transportation related cases.

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I’ve found over the years that word of mouth is probably my best source. If you do good work for a client, they tend to tell their competitors, or tell people at industry meetings that this is a good fellow that’ll do a good job for ya. The other place that I find most of my clients is with trade associations, and I belong to an organization called the Minnesota Trucking Association. And I serve on the board with that organization. I find that if you give out enough sort of free short legal advice to a lot of people, when a big something comes in that it might be a matter that you’ll get to work on, you’ll get the first nod from those folks because they already know you, and they already know that you answered a little short question for them, and didn’t send them a bill. I think they think that’s somebody that they can trust and want to continue to work with.

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