What is child sex abuse?

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, defines child sex abuse.

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Child sexual abuse is in the news and we’re hearing more and more about it from Penn State to the Catholic Church to education and sports. The awareness around this issue is very, very helpful because most victims of child sexual abuse experience a great deal of shame, embarrassment, self-blame, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder around sexual abuse which occurs sometimes when they’re very young children, sometimes when they’re early and late teens. It runs the gamut. So the most important thing to remember about child sexual abuse is like any other thing, crime, or losses you know these things should be dealt with sooner rather than later. Because with the passage of time not only you lose witnesses and information you also compromise your ability to seek justice whether it’s in the criminal justice system or in the civil system. So for victims of child sexual abuse regardless of what the source is whether it’s a coach, a parent, a friend, someone inside or outside the family or community it’s really important similar to campus sexual assault that we’ve discussed previously, to preserve whatever kinds of evidence and whatever kinds of facts you can so that you have the options going forward.

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