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What is the current state of gun laws in the District of Columbia?

Washington, DC criminal defense lawyer Joseph A. Scrofano talks about DC’s strict gun laws.

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So DC has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Carrying a pistol without a license is a felony offense. You can also be charged with misdemeanors for transporting a firearm unlawfully, for having an unregistered firearm, for having ammunition that doesn’t belong to an unregistered firearm. We get a lot of clients and see a lot of folks who come into DC from states where they have more relaxed gun laws, and they come into DC maybe to go on vacation, to visit the monuments. And they come in and they think because they have a registered firearm or a conceal carry in Texas, or Florida, or whatever that they’ll get reciprocity and they can just come into DC with that.

And oftentimes folks maybe get pulled over for a minor traffic offense and the first thing they do is tell the officer, hey I have a firearm in the vehicle, because that’s what they’re taught in a lot of the concealed carry courses. And then immediately boom, arrested, charged with a felony. They come into the city for the monuments and end up leaving with a criminal record.

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