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18 Wheeler Truck Collisions

Houston, TX personal injury attorney Richard Plezia talks about cases that involve 18 wheeler truck collisions.

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I represented an individual that became a quadriplegic because of a rear end collision on I-10 in Georgia. And we had to inspect the truck but more importantly they had what they call an ECM and we were able to download the information from the ECM to find out how fast the truck was going at the time that he lost his radiator fluid. Which was important because the radiator fluid was lost as a result of the collision. And we saw that he was traveling at 62 miles an hour he had never hit the brakes. The truck was governed at 62, he was going 62. And trucks nowadays are a remarkable feet of machinery and it’s a lot more than just an automobile case there’s special training that you take but it’s also special equipment that you operate. And when you know the ins and outs of that particular type of machinery and the training, you’re able to find and identify a problem truck drive that can really make or break your case.

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