Transportation and Technology

Minneapolis Business Litigation Attorney Michael Glover talks about how technology will affect the transportation industry and what it means for a lawyer such as himself.

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There are two ways I think that technology is going to be impacting our industry. One is increasing use of automation, we are not very far away really from the driverless truck or the driverless car. And I think that that will have a tremendous impact on the transportation industry in terms of insurance liability if something happens, whose fault is it. I think the other thing that is impacting our industry, and we’ve already seen a lot of this is the continuing squeeze for ever greater efficiencies.

And that can come at the expense of the human capital, the human resource, where if you replace a driver with a machine, that creates a tension for that driver because that driver has now lost their job. There are other instances in other industries. The manufacturing industry has already experienced that, and the service industry has experienced that. The transportation industry is ripe for that kind of conflict. And I think companies need to be prepared for that.

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