The Early Settlement

Denton, TX trial attorney Bill Wood talks about a case he worked on where they were able to settle very early on, which was beneficial to his client.

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Well, we’ve tried a lot of cases and we’ve had a lot of good results. I want to say that having tried a lot of cases makes a difference in the way that Grace and I can get cases settled. Very recently we had a really landmark settlement in a case where we never had to file a lawsuit, never took a deposition. It was against a major national retailer. A terrible case. It was a death case. But when we got in that case, the other side knew who we were and we went straight to the table and were able to resolve that case without a lot of heartache for that family by taking them through litigation. And frankly, I think that’s one of the benefits that we can offer is that people know we will try a case and they know we know how to try a case and that results in earlier settlements some of which are like that one we just completed.

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