Commercial Shareholder Disputes Attorney in Dallas, Texas

Partnership Dispute Case

Dallas, TX trial attorney Trey Crawford talks about a specific partnership dispute case.

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I represented a minority shareholder in a closely held corporation and it’s actually a very tragic beginning to the partnership dispute. His son was electrocuted on the job and literally died in his arms and the other partners of this partner essentially formulated a plan to extricate him from the business and kind of used this as a way to do so. And I was able to get that case resolved very favorably for the minority shareholder prior to even having to file suit by really trial planning the case from the beginning, identifying the client’s goal, and then figuring out the most efficient and effective way to achieve that goal. A lot of lawyers are incentivized to be inefficient through just the concept of a billable hour but in that particular case we were able to identify all the potential legal defenses that we anticipated. We would see the legal arguments and trial plan them out from the beginning and we were able to get a very, very good result for that minority shareholder as a result of the work that went in ahead of even having to file the lawsuit.

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