Rewarding Aspects

Edina, MN Family Law Attorney, Jane Van Valkenburg talks about why she enjoys her profession.

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The most rewarding thing is working with families in transition. When families come in, they’re going through change and it’s such significant change, that there’s a lot of fear. And my job is to work through that fear so that they have a transition and they have a strategy so that, by the time that they’re done, that fear is turned to they know where they’re going, they know that they’re in a new place in life. And that fear comes from the children don’t know what’s happening, they don’t know what’s gonna happen with their children, or it’s an elder client who has had this lifestyle and now they’re gonna be on their own, and what does mean. How are they gonna live? How are they gonna be safe and those kinds of things? So it’s really working to be empathetic and help them in making changes so that they grow out of that fear.

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