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HOA Legal Issues

Bloomington, MN Community Association Law Attorney Anthony T. Smith talks about specific legal issues that can arise with HOAs.

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Oh boy, there’s all sorts of legal issues that can arise when you’re talking to about an HOA’s legal needs. It can be everything from how do you run a proper meeting according to your bylaws. How many people need to attend that meeting in order for there to be a quorum and to take appropriate action or to have the authority to take appropriate action? Questions about what is the appropriate action to take. How do you keep the peace in the association? What do those governing documents mean; they’re less than clear on many occasions. And what do you do? Do you rewrite them wholesale or do you assist them in piecemealing them here and there.

There’s a variety of those legal needs and that’s not even accounting for the variety of things they may encounter just like anybody else. They may run into litigation needs whether it’s construction issues or problems with vendors, or problems with irksome homeowners. There’s all sorts of issues that can arise. So you really have to be nimble on your feet and you have to be nimble in your mind to be able to help provide the kind of advice that those entities need on a daily basis.

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