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Product Liability Manufacturing Defect

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Sieben provides an example of a manufacturing defect in a product liability case.

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Examples of defectively manufactured products are where a company has a protocol for how a product is to be designed, like the tensile strength of the steel that goes into whatever the product is is supposed to be so many pounds, or so many tons. Well, a manufacturing defect is when the tensile strength doesn’t reach that that it was supposed to be, so instead of withstanding 50 pounds of pressure or load, the tensile strength only can withstand 10 pounds. That’s a manufacturing flaw or defect. It wasn’t made the way the manufacturer wanted to make it and the reason. There are dozens of reasons why that can occur. It can occur through error in the manufacturing process, a part of the product was not correctly provided, so there are lots of reasons why the flaw can be there, but it was something that the manufacturer didn’t want to be manufactured in that way. They wanted it to be manufactured a different way. It wasn’t. It was sold to the public in the defective condition that had the flaw in it, and then it caused an injury somehow.

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