Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements Attorney in Nutley, New Jersey

Antenuptial Agreement

New Jersey family law attorney, Brad Micklin, explains the advantages of antenuptial agreements.

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So who should have an antenuptial or prenuptial agreement and why? I think everybody should. And that’s another article that I did on my blog post on Micklin Law I think there’s an advantage of having a prenup in every situation. The first is that you’re setting up what would happen in a divorce at the time where you care most about one another. So it doesn’t need to be, “I get everything, you get nothing.” It’s much more likely to be equitable and fair when you do it in the beginning of a relationship. But also you’re addressing financial issues before entering into a marriage that many people don’t like, “What is my spouse’s income?” “How does he or she use credit cards?” “What kind of debts do they have?” A lot of people go into a marriage without that information, and it can become problems later. So I think knowing that information and figuring out how you’re going to address it at the beginning is probably best for everybody.

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